Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Food

I'll have to say I really love the food in France, and there's no doubt it's a part of the fun for my yearly visit. It's good food, but additionally, my food intake goes through the roof when I come here because it's proportional to my energy output. So I splurge at the epicerie and then I don't leave my apartment without an assortment of meats, cheeses and other snacks in my backpack.
The fromage isle can be kind of overwhelming at the carrefour. I usually think to myself, wow, look at that one! Only a Euro?May as well try it. And then I end up with loads of delicious little cheeses, and some not so good ones too.
In addition to the cheese, the cured meat items are far superior to those available in the USA. Butter, milk, eggs, and yogurt are supreme as well.
Pictured here is a solid kilo of cured meat. I'll smash that sausage in no time, but I could have my work cut out for me to finish that chunk of pigs leg before I leave...


  1. Your perspective and spirit will live on in all the push our own limits, even if we can't rise to your level. You will be dearly missed...